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On the market today, there are so many different accounting service providers that it is absolutely clear that a person simply has a really difficult task ahead of him, especially if he only looks at the price. It is much better if the entrepreneur understands the offer to which he is offered.
That's why I am now presenting you. I offer low quality, trustworthy and pleasant accounting.

Detained workers are those who work for a limited time in the territory of a Member State of the European Union (EU) other than the one in which they normally work. For such workers, it is necessary to calculate watches in Slovenia and abroad ...

We are managing many construction companies with workers in Slovenia and abroad.

We speak several languages so that communication is professional.

Analysing the Data

However, in order for there to be a pricelist of accounting services, which is extremely, extremely favorable and for which you could deduct perhaps fifteen euros or something similar, there is very little chance.
Otherwise, somehow I actually recommend that you do not opt ​​for such a favorable provider, as such a very low price list of accounting services can cost a lot when you can visit an inspector and possibly find a lot of mistakes. The accounting service is not entirely responsible, and as a rule, part of the penalty is transferred to the client.
Experience has shown that customers trust us.

Several factors influence the price of accounting services. Among the most important are:

  • number of business events,

  • Number of employees,

  • the type of activity to be carried out

  • The

Our advantage is when you arrive by post to Nelsa's virtual office, you can leave the invoices issued and received at the end of the month, take the accountant, talk to you personally, if you have questions and answer them professionally. Of course you also get contact as tel. e-mail, and at any time you can pay for what kind of advice you personally have.


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