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Do you want WHITE TOYS without visiting a dentist or dangerous bleach?
There it is. 100% NATURAL charcoal that white teeth natural.

100% charcoal 30g (white teeth natural)

€ 19,99 Regular Price
€ 14,99Sale Price
  • Here is the solution of the natural 100% ORGANIC CARE that naturally captivates your teeth. The results are visible in 3 minutes and the first application of charcoal to teeth for a scale of more white teeth than yours.

    Do you not believe it? I test it immediately, you do not have anything to lose just a beautiful smile of white healthy teeth with organic 100% charcoal.
    It is true that washing teeth is a bit funny, but without worry; black powder is washed without any problems. See how to: push your toothbrush into black charcoal powder, rub your teeth, leave it for at least 3 minutes on the teeth, and with water you can rinse your teeth with a regular toothpaste and see the difference in the mirror. You see, but the result is visible. Of course it is. 30g you receive, which is sufficient for about 6 months or more, if you use it regularly.

    So order today

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