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- we offer a business address throughout Slovenia

Do you need a business address for your company, sp or institution?

Free advice and we can arrange it all in 30 minutes.

The price of the service is already 1.17 eur / day, which is less than one coffee a day.

Possibility of registration Nelsa virtual office for companies from all over Slovenia and foreigners.

This is possible for an entrepreneur doo, sp or an institution that is often in the field and wants to have a separate business address from a personal one, because by doing so they show their clients that they have a more professional approach.

Of course, we can scan all mail or forward it to your personal or other address.


Why spend more than € 300 a month on high rents and equipment you receive from us.

A virtual office can minimize the high cost of office space.



  • Price from 1.17 eur / day

  • Nelsa virtual office suitable for all places in Slovenia and for foreigners

  • Free daily sending of SMS messages about daily received mail,

  • Scan all your incoming mail and send to your any email

  • Forwarding mail to a standard address

  • 24-hour availability of your mail with the key to our branch

  • Receive your registered mail with authorization

  • For some activities, companies must have a business address because it is required by law or regulation

  • Parking

  • Good location

  • Even more for a lower price.

direktorjeva-pisarna2 copy.jpg

By agreement, we also offer additional services:

  • quality, affordable accounting services

  • We advise on the opening and closing of a company, bankruptcies, liquidation of your company.

  • At your request, we also translate into all languages ​​for the various permits you need.

  • Contact us today because you cannot refuse our offer, as we offer much more for a lower price.

There are several reasons why it doesn’t make sense to have a business address in the location where you live.

If you answer yes to at least one of the following questions, the Nelsa virtual office is the right solution for you:

  • Can't you get consent from the property owners to carry out the activity?

  • Do you want to reduce the cost of running a business because you don’t need your own office?

  • Don’t you want clients or anyone else to visit you at your home?

  • Do you want your business to be visible on the Google Street View 3D map, due to its reputation with customers?

  • Do you want to receive business mail in a location other than your home?

  • Does your company often move to different locations due to the larger volume of work?

You will receive a contract, a statement from the owner and a bill for the service from us.

Want a range of services: Nelsa Virtual Office? Call 041 259 678 or send here:

Thanks! Message sent.

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