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Do you want WHITE TEETH without a visit to the dentist or dangerous bleach?
There she is. 100% NATURAL CHARCOAL that naturally whitens your teeth.

100% CHARCOAL 30g (whitens naturally)

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€ 19,99 Regular Price
€ 14,99Sale Price
  • The solution here is natural 100% ORGANIC CHARCOAL, which naturally whitens your teeth. The results are visible in as little as 3 minutes and when you first apply charcoal to your teeth for a scale of whiter teeth than yours.

    Don't you believe it? yes test it right away, you have nothing to lose just a beautiful smile of white healthy teeth with 100% organic charcoal.
    True, brushing your teeth looks a bit ridiculous, but no worries; the black powder washes off without any problems. See how: you push your toothbrush into black charcoal powder, rub your teeth, leave it on your teeth for at least 3 minutes, you can also brush your teeth with water with ordinary toothpaste and look at the difference in the mirror. You see, but the result is visible. Yes, of course it is. You get 30g, which is enough for about 6 months or more if you use it regularly.

    So order today

  • Risk-free purchase. In case you are not satisfied with the purchase, we will refund your money.

    100% WARRANTY

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