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Surprise your partner or your body with a relaxing cream.

The cream is intended for the care of the body, hands, spine, tired legs ... or. whole body.

It is intended for massage because I believe there is no man who is not under stress and pain.

Special on a water basis, it is not greasy, which means that with a few drops of water on the body can prolong the massage or massage in the wet skin immediately after showering, so it penetrates more quickly into the pores of muscles, joints and healthy pain.
Apply some creams to your fingers and massage around the shadows against the headaches and after a stressful day with circular movements. With great sitting, it soothingly relieves both pain in the back and the back.
It is also intended for easier breathing during colds by putting a few drops of cream in hot water and putting it into the room, and you will instantly breathe more easily.

Now at the time when the cold period is approaching, the skin is on the feet, especially in the area of ​​the heeling work. It is therefore a good idea to take care of your legs because the legs keep the whole body upright and all the pain stems from the legs. Get dressed with it immediately after showering and your feet will be pleasant and healthy.

Your body will be grateful to you!

PEDIMOL 200 ml

€ 29,00 Regular Price
€ 14,90Sale Price
  • It consists of extracts of old herbs: low pine, lavender, melissa, mint, eucalyptus and tea tree on a non-greasy basis.

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